A Year in Review for RevOps: 

What's Changed & What's Ahead

Join us on Thursday, Oct. 7 at 4 PM EST for a special 1-year anniversary of shOPS Talk, featuring a phenomenal panel of RevOps leaders:

  • Manas Kulkarni, Sr. RevOps Manager at Spring Health
  • Keith Jones, Manager, GTM Systems at MURAL
  • Taft Love, Co-founder at Iceberg RevOps & VP of Sales at DocSend
  • Oliviero Mottola Di Amato, Sr. Manager, Revenue Operations at Pex

The most significant changes we’ve seen in RevOps over the last year and what they mean for your organization


Brad Smith
CEO & Co-founder

ⓒ Wizards of Ops, 2021

Where RevOps is heading in the next year and how to plan for the changes ahead

Ways to stay on top of the latest RevOps trends

Manas Kulkarni 
Sr. RevOps Manager 
Spring Health

What You'll Learn:

Taft Love
Iceberg RevOps 

Keith Jones
Manager, GTM Systems 

Oliviero Mottola Di Amato
Sr. Manager, RevOps

Moderated By: